Travelling around Edinburgh

Are you travelling to Edinburgh?

There are many places to visit in Edinburgh and much to do there.

The City of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries

The museums, exhibitions and landmarks are owned and managed by the City of Edinburgh Council.

The site includes:

  • An up-to-date guide to current exhibitions staged in the city
  • Information on a choice of previous exhibitions
  • A list of publications you can order by mail

The landmarks, galleries and exhibitions which make up the City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries encompass a series of historic buildings along the crowded medieval Royal Mile to the spacious surroundings of Lauriston Castle overlooking the Forth in Crammond.

The heritage of the maritime communities is celebrated here. The skyline of the city centre is dominated by the Scott and Nelson Monuments. Only a stone’s throw from the main thoroughfare, Princes Street, the City Art Centre, is home to an incredible collection of Scottish art and Scotland’s main temporary exhibition venue.

The ongoing collections preserved and interpreted by the City of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries bear eloquent witness to Edinburgh’s and Scotland’s stirring past. You will be amazed by their story.

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