A Simple Guide to Exploring Edinburgh

Your simple guide to exploring Edinburgh

Edinburgh is often seen as the ideal city for a weekend getaway!

This simple guide will help make sure you’re making the most of your trip to Edinburgh.

bar in Edinburgh
  1. 56 North 
  2. Cold Town House 
  3. The Hanging Bat 
  4. Hoot the Redeemer
  5. Blackbird 


Edinburgh is known as a great city to visit if you like to party and enjoy a few drinks as it has a vast number of unique atmospheric pubs that are topped off with many hipster hangouts that continue to develop and emerge as the trends change.

There are many establishments in Edinburgh that store whiskey that you can get your hands on with a little bargaining, that are older than the bar staff that will serve your drink.

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Finding the right spots

Edinburgh is full of quirky and unique places to stay.

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  • City Centre
  • Old Town
  • New Town
  • Stockbridge/Dean Village
  • Leith 
  • West End 
  • West Edinburgh

Edinburgh Museums and Galleries

Edinburgh is home to a multitude of museums as well as five of Scotland’s National Galleries, plus a few smaller galleries making it a very cultural city.

Two of the most notable are the Royal Museum and the Museum of Scotland.

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The two are combined together and make up the National Museum of Scotland. It is dedicated to the culture, people, and history of the nation of Scotland.